Halloween Carnival Now Playing!

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Watch the new Lyric Video for Halloween Carnival, my latest Halloween song and probably my best.

The MP3 is available at https://mryantaylor.bandcamp.com/track/halloween-carnival-2 and you can support further creative work at https://www.patreon.com/MICROPOLIS.

Performed almost entirely in my basement, including vocals, ukuleles (spruce, 8-string & banjolele), tuba and most of the percussive sound effects (I did use a few samples for bass drum, snare, triangle and cymbals to evoke a circus band sound). I worked hard to get this lyric video out for the first day of Fall 2017, featuring my art and video clips from other Halloween videos I’ve made.

Words & Music by M. Ryan Taylor

Come see wonders, come see frights,
only thirty something nights.
Come see goblins bats and ghouls
dressed as simple motley fools.

Come see vampires, feel the thrill
as they subjugate your will.
Take your fortune, Gypsy read
as you lie beneath the sky on a graveyard bed.

[CHORUS] Off, to the Halloween Carnival we,
Oh, the fantastical sights to see,
Riding the scary-go-round
and the fairy’s wheel down
and up to the sky
where the witches all fly!

Come see zombies leave the grave,
lead the black and orange parade.
Dance with siren ladies fair
but beware and take care
that you share with the werewolves.


Come see wonders fill the air
at the Madman Science Fair;
Spark your creature to revive:
you will jive, “It’s alive! It will thrive!”

Ev’ry night the moon shines full
on our lunatic festival.
Howl and bay, groan and schrie,
singing, “do ra do ti le sol sol le,” like a wailing banshee!


Copyright © 2017 M. Ryan Taylor | Vocal Works (ASCAP)

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by M. Ryan Taylor at his home studio in American Fork, UT.