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Small World Fantasies – Score and Parts:

Small World Fantasies was written in early 2008 especially for a Salty Cricket Composers Collective concert featuring string quartets and piano trios. This is not the small world of Disney fame, but the realm of spiders, flies, bugs and beatles.

Et In Terra Pax Variations – Score and Parts:

About Et In Terra Pax Variations for String Quartet:

What began as an exercise for in 16th-century counterpoint on the liturgical text, “Et in terra pax hominibus,” ended up becoming the theme of this quartet.

The theme (‘The Law’) is stated at first very simply and then is followed by seven variations, from very short to medium in length. Each variation is inspired by one of the seven ‘dispensations’ of the world’s existence:

  1. Falling – The shortest variation and a descent into chaos.
  2. Ideal Unattained – This variation is characterized by a series of attempts to return to ‘The Law’ which keep going astray.
  3. World Immersed – In this variation the theme is turned upside down, elongated drastically and embellished freely, symbolic of the world immersed in water from the great flood.
  4. Blood – The return of a peaceful, chant-like reinstatement of ‘The Law’ is contrasted with the agony of the great Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  5. Apostasy – A sort of demented dance, moving away from the theme.
  6. Ask – This variation floats groundlessly until it is pierced by a single insistent note that is repeated over and over.
  7. Fulness of Times – The truth is preached and fought against, ending in the dawn of the millenial day, when all men of goodwill will be at peace upon the earth (et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis).

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