Pan Among the Reeds for Winds and Percussion

Score and Parts:


  • Flute
  • Oboe 1
  • Oboe 2
  • English Horn
  • Soprano Sax
  • Tubular Bells
  • Percussion : Hand Drum (Bodhran, Bucket Drum, Etc.) and Finger Cymbals or Triangle

About Pan Among the Reeds:

The subtitle of the piece is “A Drama for Musicians and Dancers” and is broken up into five dramatic sections:

  1. Processional Dance
  2. Sacred Dance; Pan is Stirred by the Nymphs Revels
  3. The Young Nymph Sings to the Earth and Rain; Pan joins her song in hopes of wooing her
  4. The Young Nymph is Called back to the Sacred Dance by her Sisters; the Young Nymph invites Pan to join the dance
  5. Procession to the Temple of Apollo and the marriage feast; in their union a New Reed is born

The Flute and Oboe 1 parts contain brief bits of recitative-like dialogue which is intended to be played, not sung; the text serves as a kind of expression marking.

The Soprano Sax part is very brief: the part of the New Reed being born . . . a marriage of the metallic flute and reeded oboe.

While dancers would be a wonderful addition, and are part of the piece as it was conceptualized, they are optional.

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