Just for fun, here are some of my electro-acoustic experiments from my college years.

Frogbot in Love

Frogbot in Love was made entirely from samples of balloon sounds and took several weeks to ‘compose’ (it has become my favorite of my own electronic works so far). It is a true piece of musique concrète; a composition crafted entirely from manipulated recordings of real world sounds. It is intended to be fun, so please listen with an earful of humor. Some people get all bent out of shape about this kind of music, but if you imagine it as background music for a skit on The Muppet Show starring Kermit the Frog you’ll understand the plane of seriousness you should be on when listening to it.

Meditation on 5/4 : for midi controlled organ on a pure mediant scale

This is one of my experiments in just intonation. The electronic organ in the recording has been tuned to have perfect major-thirds (5/4) throughout its range, thus there are no octaves. This “meditation” explores a few of the possibilities of this strange tuning system. Unfortunately, it would be extremely difficult to recreate this piece live. So the recording is all there is of it. If the term just intonation means nothing to you, I suggest visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_intonation. It’s worth learning about.

Seven Voices in the Eleventh Hour : a sound collage

This was a project I did while still in school. I gave seven students tape recorders and sent them about campus during the 11 o’clock hour. We synchronized our watches to start our recorders at the same time then arranged a time and place to meet at and turn off the recorders 15 minutes later. I took the recordings and crafted the following sound collage:

The Holy Warriors

This is a tribute to the sci-fi classic movie Dune, and also to the vintage fm synthesizers of the 80s era in which the movie was made.

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